About Us

Marshall King



I've been working with small and medium sized businesses for the last 20 years, as investor, CEO and consultant.  I trained as an engineer, followed by an MBA at the top European business school INSEAD.  I've founded my own businesses, as well as investing in other growing businesses.  

I love to work with other entrepreneurs and business leaders to help them improve their business efficiency and make real progress.  A key competitive advantage in today's world is to make sure you are understanding, analysing, using and sharing the data flooding out form your operational business systems, and Align.Work is set up to help you achieve this part of this is  the need to make data driven decisions and keep everybody aligned on the key objectives and measures.


Our Values

Make an impact

Prioritise your work on things that have an impact, be action oriented, strive to get things completed

Continually learn and improve

Technology changes at a high pace, continually self improve, create time to learn.  Find new, smarter ways to do things, share them with colleagues in expectation that they will share with you

Have high standards

Strive to be satisfied with nothing less than the highest standards.  Go the extra mile before being asked, take satisfaction from the quality of delivery