About us

 Marshall King 

I've been starting, leading and managing businesses from 50 to 500 staff for 18 years now.  And I've always wanted a management and review process with my teams that kept us focused on the goals, discussing the successes and barriers to achievement.  

I really believe motivation, excellence and productivity comes from helping people understand and demonstrate their contribution to the whole venture.  

Setting the environment where people can do this is the task of leadership, but a bit of help from consultants and a good underlying system will make it so much easier and more fun.

 Dave Muskett 

I first experienced the challenges of change management as an IT project manager in the '90s.  Subsequently I helped found a company that grew to 500 people distributed across 8 offices and learned first hand the power of objective based leadership.  With a distributed workforce, there was no other way!

Since then I have immersed myself in modern SAAS techology and built quite a few systems to support business processes.  

I'm really excited to be now developing a system to support goal management because the impact of companies and individuals will be huge.

 Jon Wade

When I first heard about OKRs, I instantly thought “Yes, this makes so much sense”.

Having worked in large and small organisations, I really believe in the importance of aligning and reviewing the organisation and employees goals. And this is so often overlooked, or worse, deliberately ignored.

So this is a chance to take that experience and, through an agile technology and consulting-based approach, to build out a product and service offering which I hope will genuinely improve the overall prospects of our clients and their employees.

Our Values

Make an impact

Prioritise your work on things that have an impact, be action oriented, strive to get things completed

Continually learn and improve

Technology changes at a high pace, continually self improve, create time to learn.  Find new, smarter ways to do things, share them with colleagues in expectation that they will share with you

Have high standards

Strive to be satisfied with nothing less than the highest standards.  Go the extra mile before being asked, take satisfaction from the quality of your delivery

Take responsibility

Be a self starter, take responsibility, make a decision, learn from mistakes