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Let us be your data analytics team

Cloud based data analytics consulting and solutions

We deliver data integrations, cleaning, merging, analytics and beautiful KPI dashboards 

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    Understand the scope and power of your data   
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    Get your systems talking to one another
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    Derive and share key performance indicators
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    Get everyone on your team aligned 
  • Share the right data with the right teams
  • Display data seamlessly across your business


Data Audit

Understand the possibilities from exploring and analysing your data

Dashboard design and implementation

Build clear, impactful dashboards to keep your teams informed and shorten preparation for Board meetings

Cloud systems integration

Ensure your cloud systems are in sync and data is only entered once wherever possible

Data analytics

Take key data into a warehouse where analytics can quickly give you the answers to ad hoc queries


The Align.Work team not only did a fantastic job in helping us understand the power of the data our systems were generating.  They helped us focus on what our key business objectives were, and from that we derived a set of really powerful key performance indicators.  But the best thing was the involvement of my whole management team in the project, which meant they were really bought into the importance of moving the needle on the KPIs.

John Doe, CEO, 

Unbeknown to me, our marketing and sales teams had signed up to a plethora of online tools - but none of them were talking to each other, so we had data re-entry going on all over the place, and reporting from different systems that plainly did not agree.  Align.Work team worked through a data audit and implemented integrations of the key data items so that our systems were in sync, we avoided rekeying effort and error correction, and our reports started to make far more sense.  

Peter Doran, COO, 

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